Erotic Excerpt - Agent in Training, Book #1 of The Agents

I’d never had anyone so interested in me in all my life. I glanced over to her beside me and groaned.

I felt my shaft harden yet again. I simply couldn’t get enough of her.

Half on her side facing me one beautifully full breast lay openly displayed by moonlight, as if the height of divinely created artistry on backlit display. Her nipple was pertly at attention and not being able to help myself, I eased down on the bed and wetly took it into my mouth.

She stirred and not even looking at her face I felt the aura of her smile in the darkness. She was like the one thing in the world, I don’t think it was ever possible to get enough of, but I intended to try.

She groaned deeply and arched her back. She did nothing to free her captured nipple from my lips, but instead I felt her hand curl around the thickness of my shaft.

She seemed to purr with pleasure in the dark and noisily I let her nipple escape. Still purring, she moved then and I watched as her silken thigh slipped over top of me and then all of her was above me and she was lowering herself even as the hardest part of me slid deeply into the wet sheath that I had plundered unmercifully in the past two days and yet always seemed to have more to give to me.

We both groaned as she came to be seated with finality upon the full length and breadth of me within her. Groaning out my name she arched her back and her full breasts lifted even as she tossed her head back and began to grind her pelvis down onto me.

Her slim hands slid up her moon highlighted torso only to cup each of her full breasts. Groaning, I watched as her hands held, lifted, pressed together, the most beautiful pair of silken breasts I’d ever seen.

She was putting on a show for me and I loved it!

Her head came up and she looked down at me smiling. She let one hand slide free from a breast and placed it on the bed beside my head. Now leaning over me and blocking out the moon I saw the dim outline of her hand lifting her other breast to me as if it were an offering.

I took it and I felt her smile as my teeth grazed over her nipple. Taking both my hands, I took possession over both of her breasts and pressed my face against them.

There was no comfort on earth that could compare with the warmth and tender feel of what I held, felt, suckled, and kissed. She proudly remained arched over me letting me do all or anything I wanted with her.

I could tell that she no longer regarded her body as hers. She’d given it to me and my pleasure was her desire, only it was she who was moaning.

She moved up and down upon me faster and then cried out and because I loved to see her experience passion I nipped at her one nipple gently. Her cry of beginning orgasm exploded into an outpouring exclamation of passion, even as I felt the length of her sheath convulse about me tightly.

The strength of her orgasm threatened to milk the seed right out of me as if it had been designed to do just that, but I held on to my seed and her nipple. Crying out in utter completion she started to slump down on to me and I kissed her nipple goodbye.

She may be done in with passion, but I was not. I rolled and took her with me.

Luckily I stayed inside and with her face now bathed in moonlight I watched her say, “You're amazing!”

Smiling, I kissed her and then my hands were hiking her knees upward. As her knees came up her eyes opened and she sighed happily as my hands slid up her calves to her ankles now held high in the air. Looking into her eyes, I saw the reality that she knew how hard I was about to take her.