Erotic Excerpt – Man on Fire


Tonight was left overnight so she didn’t have to worry about cooking dinner at least. Cliff in general was so easy going that he really didn’t seem to care that she wasn’t that good of a housekeeper or a cook, but he always complimented her on what she did manage to accomplish as if she was a work in progress worth cutting some slack for. Truly, she hated the thought of feeding him leftovers and she was about to switch tasks when she heard his truck pull up outside.

The truck had an identifying rattle to it that was almost like a DNA tracker. Smiling, she kept to washing dishes.

Maybe they’d go out and visit Warbly’s sole and only diner. Oh, what would she get this time out of the grand list of eight or so items that the diner offered?

A pair of large hands slipped warmly onto her hips before sliding up under the over shirt she wore to graze her sides only to fill themselves with the lace covered masses of her breasts. With an aching groan of delight for this man’s touch, she rose up on tiptoe as his lips kissed down along the side of her neck. If she could have done so she would have purred.


Laughing I left off kissing her and nuzzled my face into her hair as my thumbs soothed over my wife’s quickly hardening nipples.

She purred out, “You are home early. I don’t have anything made for dinner.”

I turned her away from the sink and said, “That’s all right, I’ll eat you instead.”

I kissed her then and her arms hugged me to her as she kissed me back with passion. I broke the kiss off and set her up on the counter off to the side of the sink.

“And how was your day?” I asked.

“Good, but it would be better if you were still kissing me.” She teased.

Dragging a finger across her lips I said, “I will be kissing you…… just not here.”

“What…… oh!” She exclaimed, as I slid her down abruptly, so her back was on the countertop even as I smoothly brought both her thighs up, when I did that her dress fell down around her waist revealing her lace panties.

Grasping a hold of the fragile things I whisked them up and off her legs. Then, stroking my hands up the back of her thighs to her knees, I held her legs back as I proceeded to do just what I had said I would do.

Gasping, she’d jolted in my grasp even as one hand came to ruffle in my hair as my tongue stroked through the folds of her labia. Groaning, she said, “You’re going to be the death of me you know.”

She gasped sharply and then said on a pant, “A person can only take so much pleasure! Oh, Cliff! Oh!!! I……. ohhhh!”

Within a minute I had her cumming and within a couple more minutes I had made her cum again. After that orgasm was complete though she fought against me to get off the counter.

Laughing I let her go. Her hands ripped at my pants and I could tell that she thought she was going for the desert in comparison to my meal of her.

It wasn’t going to be that way though. As soon as my pants were off I caught her hands and forced them behind her and brought her tightly up against me.

“I want you!” She urged desperately.

“How?” I teased.

“In my mouth, in my body, however you want me, but right now!!!”

“Your wish is my command baby.”