Erotic Excerpt – The Huntsman


I relished the comfort of this man’s touch upon me. His teeth nibbled at my shoulder and tiredly, I opened my eyes even as I felt the evidence of his passion nuzzle up against the front of my thigh. I was so tired and chuckling he seemed to sense that and whispering into my ear he said, “I’m not going to let you go to sleep yet Princess.”

Closing my eyes, I smiled in response and said nothing. Whatever he wanted I would do. With surprise, I felt him press me gently over onto my belly. I turned my head to the side and gazed at the fire still burning hotly even as his big hand coasted down my back to stroke over the contours of my bottom.

It was really something to feel his touch on an area touched by no one else before and shyly I buried my face into the plush fur of the rug I laid upon as he swept my knot beaded hair strands away from the back of my neck and began to kiss his way down the length of my spine. He rubbed his hands firmly into the small of my back only to then sheet them off to the sides and form them over my wide hips. He pulled and my knees bent.

My body followed his directions and I found myself on my knees bent over with my thighs split apart to make room for him kneeling behind me. I started to push up off the rug to straighten, but one big hand pressed my head back down to the ground and when he did that I knew exactly what he was about to do.

Shyly I let my body remain in the position that his hands had directed it to assume. My fingers curled into the rug as his big hand pressed down on the small of my back and instinctively my back arched downward even as my bottom turned up higher into the air. I had never felt so exposed before and yet I felt no shame.

His hand left my spine to grasp my hip even as his other already did so to my opposing hip. I felt him settle back onto his heels even as his hands stroked down the back of my thighs to then rest over the back of my knees and then my calves.

His breathing was heavy and gruffly he spoke into the stillness of the moment, “Honey, you're beautiful as a whole, but your butt is absolutely gorgeous!”

At his words, my face flushed, but I stayed where I was. No experience that I’d ever had in life could have prepared me to face this moment and yet here in the now I felt a sense of pride in knowing how impassioned I had made my man by him simply looking at my butt. His hands returned back up my thighs and I felt him trace the creases beneath my bottom cheeks and then both of his thumbs swept down the cleft of my bottom even as his fingers dragged over the firm cheeks of my rear.

One of his big fingers pressed into the wetness of my sheath even as the other one anchored with a firm grip over my hip. His finger penetrated all the way into me and I moaned at the feeling of just how big it alone felt.

He was far larger than his finger and the openness of my position was both titillating and concerning. I was very sore, but I said nothing as he rubbed his finger against the front wall of my vagina. His massaging touch had made something inside of me turn hard and I wondered at what that might be about even as I heard him say, “I’d like to say that I will be gentler with you this time than last time, but I’m afraid not.”

His finger left me and I swallowed as it was replaced with the head of his shaft. The time before he had slammed it all the way in, but this time he did not. With my hips anchored in place he slowly slid his cock into me.

He got bigger the farther down the shaft he went and opening my mouth, I cried out and bit the carpet even as my fingers curled even tighter into it as I was spread apart by his thick shaft. Breathing heavily I blinked repetitively as the core of me was filled with him and the soreness that he had caused the first time was stretched out to the max.

His groin pressed into me and I felt his heavy balls come up against my slit. He was all the way in and it was deeper this time than before. He was breathing heavy and tightly he said with passion, “You are one hot tight wet slide of pure pleasure Honey!”

I barely had time to register his words as half of him left me only to be slammed into my wet depths with a force that shook me and pressed my face into the rug. It didn’t stop!