Where have all the women gone?

Where have all the women gone?


So has anyone been paying attention to the growing reality that most Hollywood actresses aren’t really female anymore? I grant you this is an odd thing to subject a report on, but it is one no less horrifying when a look is taken at the available evidence along with the ramifications of what is being done to the male mind. Think about it, if I’m right and a bait and switch is taking place, me, and everyone else are being taught, led, and even coerced into believing it’s okay to desire women who aren’t actually women.

Maybe you think I’m just blowing smoke, but please take some things, actual facts, into consideration. Body symmetry/proportions say everything. They always have. There is a basic law of mathematical perspective to the shapes of both men and women. It’s how a tailor can measure around a man’s thumb, his wrist, and his neck and craft an entire suit that will fit the rest of his body. It’s no different for women. Sure, there’s considerations to be made in terms of extra weight and so on, but if we’re talking about healthy, active lifestyle people just a few basic measurements enables a tailor to craft a whole wardrobe for them. So what are some of these proportional differences between the sexes? Glad you asked, see below.


  • The hip line is the broadest part of the body, which corresponds to a narrower waist. Note: Some African women do have shoulders broader than their hips. The ones that do are an exception, but not the norm by any means.

  • Women’s elbows tend to be held close to the body and when at rest they follow the natural contours of the body.

  • A woman’s waistline is level with or even higher than her belly button.

  • A woman’s elbows are at the same level as her waist.

  • A woman’s spine is more arched and flexible.

  • When face on with a woman the size of her head should not be able to fit in the distance between the end of her shoulder bone and the side of her face. Roughly only half of her head should fit in the space between the end of her shoulder and her cheek. Note: Again, some African women will be an exception to this, but for the most part the norm is that only half the width of a woman’s head would fit between her shoulder bone and the side of her face.

  • Women have rounded butts

  • Women’s knees appear to slope inward, which is caused by having a larger pelvis bone then men do.

  • In both men and women the width of their hand is half the width of their head, but a woman’s fingers do not extend up as far vertically on their face as a man’s does on his face.


  • The shoulder line is the broadest part of the body.

  • Men’s arms dangle out from the body and are not naturally held close

  • A man’s waist is much lower than his belly button making his torso seem much longer.

  • A man’s elbows are much higher than his waist.

  • A man’s spine is straighter than a woman’s and less flexible

  • When face on with a man the size of his head should be able to fit in the distance between his shoulder bone and the side of his face.

  • Men have flat butts or at least less curve as is typical of a woman’s rear.

  • Men’s knees appear straighter.

  • In both men and women the width of their hand is half the width of their head, but a man’s fingers extend up farther vertically on their face than a woman’s does on her face.


Now all of the above are very handy in helping to discern as to what sex an individual is, but there is a host of cosmetic practices along with genetic engineering that can confuse the eye and make it so you think you're seeing something that you’re not such as all of the following: butt implants, hip implants, breast implants, lower rib removal, taught body control mannerisms, hormone estrogen and testerone therapy, and even direct genetic tampering of the fetus in utero. Taking into account the general identifiers of males and females check out these photos of well-known Hollywood actresses. I leave it to the viewer to discern how they meet or don’t meet the previously listed symmetrical identifiers typical of women since Eve was made by the hand of God and called woman.

First Hollywood Actress Sample: Gal Gadot, the current face of Wonder Woman

Galdot page.jpg

Second Hollywood Actress Sample: Angelina Jolie

Jolie Page.jpg

Third Hollywood Actress Sample: Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltro Page.jpg

Frankly, it is my opinion that there’s something really and I mean really off with the imagery that Hollywood is trying to sell everyone as to simply what women should look like and it brings one to question, ‘Are these women?’ I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am when I say, ‘I don’t think so’. They don’t match basic symmetrical proportions of women. Now there are exceptions as previously noted and maybe these women are some of those exceptions along with a lot of others in Hollywood, but it leads one to ask, ‘Why are Hollywood director’s showcasing atypical phenotype women in their productions?’ Anyone have a clue why you would do that, when I don’t have to leave my own town to find examples of women that are better looking than what you see on the big screen? These are big questions that everyone should be asking themselves. What if I’m right and these really aren’t women? Do you think the directors and writers and producers would be blind to that truth? Only a naïve person would believe that. So what could be the purpose behind such an elaborate conspiracy to trick the viewing public into believing that a lot of the actresses they’re watching are women when in fact they’re not? Opinions vary on this, but maybe, just maybe, someone or something out there wants a lot more people to join the ranks of homosexuality. Think about it, if all or at least a lot of, the cultural female icons aren’t really female what do you suppose the gradual underlying effects on the male psyche will be? If men are being taught to desire something called a female, which really isn’t, then how much of a leap is it to believe that wholesale defections into homosexuality by men will occur because subconsciously their body senses what their lusting for is a male and they’re being told that’s it’s okay and even the acceptable thing to do. I genuinely hope I’m wrong, but I’ve grown tired of watching Hollywood movies and every time having to gauge the lead female actress and determine if I’m being lied to. It really comes down to trusting your own senses. For me a breakthrough or perhaps a refresher course on what a woman should look like on the big screen occurred when I started renting some Bollywood movies over the internet. Sure the stereotype with Bollywood is that there is some really and I mean really hokey movies and acting involved in them. At least that was what I had always heard and for some Bollywood productions it is entirely accurate, but imagine my surprise when I found not just a handful of movies that are truly exceptional high octane cinema at its finest and frankly better than a good bit of what Hollywood churns out these days. One of the biggest surprises for me were the actresses. They’re very good actors and they are very beautiful. When I watch a Bollywood movie I’m not in doubt as to whether I’m watching actors that belong to their concurrent sexes as ordered by what their blood would say they were. No, these women are really women and I can only suppose that I am right about some nefarious agenda in Hollywood being true, because why on earth wouldn’t you have truly beautiful women in your movies. Heck, if Hollywood can’t find beautiful women that can act, then why don’t they hire the ones in Bollywood and pay them double what they’re making now? I’ve put together a few photos of some of Bollywood’s most accomplished actresses. Again, you the reader be the judge, especially if you’re male and when you’re done looking at these women from India’s version of Hollywood please ask yourself, why the heck don’t we have actresses that look half as good. It makes no sense, that is, it makes no sense if everything in Hollywood is legit and there are no under the table schemes being acted out upon.

D'Cruz Page.jpg
Padukone Page.jpg
Kaif Page.jpg

I made mention of it earlier, but I’ll restate it now. In my teen years I saw a documentary stating that Gwyneth Paltrow was voted the most beautiful woman in the world based off of the perfect symmetry of her face. Say what? Really? When as a male did the importance of beauty revolve solely around the face of a woman? Maybe it has for you, but when I look at a woman I am looking at the whole picture. Yes, facial symmetry is important, but if you look at Gwyneth Paltrow from a male perspective of judging potential fertility, longevity, and just overall attractiveness I would hope you would go shopping somewhere else. Her face may be symmetrical, but the rest doesn’t look like what a male should be interested in from just a cold calculatory objectivism of what’s best for the continuation of the species. Now that I’ve woken up to the fact of how men in America and elsewhere are being pushed to find beauty where it isn’t to be found I can more clearly see the agenda that I believe is behind such an ‘Official Testing Result’. I will postulate the fact that real men want to kiss and mate with real and yes, beautiful women. It’s how God made us to be as males and there’s nothing wrong with it. So much of American cinema today has no sizzle in it at all in comparison to the old days of Hollywood or a current good Bollywood movie (they do exist, but some sifting through the weeds is involved). I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier recently. I have my doubts about Scarlett Johansson. Again, I could be wrong, but like I said as a male you’ve got to go with your instincts and realize that it’s very easy for your eyes to be lied to. She looks very female in the Marvel movies, but watch her in something else and notice all those curves, especially the rounded leather stretching out butt, all disappear and her figure is somewhat androgynous. How does that happen? These are questions as a male you have to ask yourself. Watch the scene where she and Captain America are going down the elevator and in order to avoid being spotted Scarlett turns around and kisses Captain America. Tell me if you feel any kind of vibe of erotic allure, hint of a relationship about to take off at warp speed, etc. etc. No, the moment is completely flat. Why? Is it because a very manly man is collecting a paycheck that dictates that he follow the script that has been written in the bowels of Hollywood and he knows that he’s not kissing a woman and he can’t quite conceal being repulsed by it? Maybe I’m wrong, but watch the scene and pay attention to his line right after it and see if you catch a double meaning in it.

Now I’ve made a very inflammatory conjecture that a lot of women in Hollywood, ain’t women, and that truly is simply my opinion as I have really no way to prove it. Now what if I could prove to you, the reader, that what I’m talking about in at least the example of one Hollywood actress is the real reality of my argument born out by the actress herself in both an on air confession and in print through several publications. The scary reality of this particular actress is I would have said it’s a woman, but she’s not.

Fox Page.jpg

I have two sons. How exactly do I protect them from falling into the trap of desiring something that isn’t what they thought it was? Do you know there are stories, admittedly unverified internet stories, which if we consider for a moment as being real, that describe men who have unwittingly married transgendered men and not known it. These transgenders actually buy used tampons from women to throw in the trash can of their homes to carry on the façade that they’re really women and have monthly periods. This deception has gone mainstream till it’s even a part of game shows. Take for instance a 2004 Dating Show in England, where six men picked the one woman out of a lineup of beautiful women that they could all agree was the most beautiful and the one they wanted to go on a luxury yacht cruise with. They all selected Miriam Rivera, a Mexican lingerie model. The producers warned repeatedly throughout the series that there would be a big shock at the end. The series concluded and Miriam picked the winning man, who was also to receive 10,000 pounds(English Money Unit) for being picked by her. It was then announced that Miriam Rivera was a man. All the contestants went on to successfully sue the show producers, while Miriam got her own reality tv show. She later fell out of her apartment window, four stories up, and had to have a lot of reconstruction surgery done, which she couldn’t pay for. She now works as a transgender prostitute in England for 300 (around $700.00 US) pounds an hour or 200 pounds for half an hour, but only until her medical bills are paid off. In her own words, “I do absolutely everything – I do a full service. Once you have paid for me, you can do whatever you want.” More quotes from Miriam, “The men I meet are hot. Some of them I’m even surprised at because they’re well-known, rich, ­eligible men. Big boys, you know – businessmen, singers, actors. They take me to the best restaurants and fly me abroad. They pay for my companionship and we only have sex if I want to. It’s voluntary. But most of the time they are so hot I end up being the one begging them. I have no regrets – I’m having fun. I started doing this for the money and when everything is sorted I will stop.”

This is where our worldwide society is headed. Take a good look at Miriam Rivera (picture below) and ask yourself, if you’re a male, would you have been one of those duped game contestant men or not. My answer is, thankfully, no. Not because I have any great advanced ability to spot a fake woman, but instead the reason the answer is no, is because I serve a God that I have come to have a personal and daily active relationship with and when I come up against obstacles and things I’m not sure about all I have to do is pray and ask God for help. I put everything in my life at His feet and time and time again He bails me out of so many troubles that I would stumble my way into like a blind ox. God is good and never more so is it important for those men out there reading this, who are saved and know Jesus as your Savior, to rely on God to direct your way. To those of you who don’t know God, I urge you to get to know Him, because the deceptions being unrolled on this world are vast and wide and you don’t stand a chance on your own of avoiding all the pitfalls and traps that are being set for you and baited just right to grab hold of you and steal your immortal soul. It’s easy to know God. Buy a Bible (I recommend either the Holman translation or the King James Version), and start reading it daily. I advise starting in the New Testament and reading the Gospel of John and then go to the beginning and read from Genesis all the way to Revelations. I guarantee you that if you pursue a relationship with God, He in turn will pursue you and there is no greater feeling or awareness in this world that can equal what and where a personal relationship with God will take you.

Rivera Page.jpg
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