The Delinquent Alphas of Modern Erotica


This article is written by a man. It draws from the experience of a man. A man who has been a Beta. Or better put to use the crude vernacular of today to define my past more accurately, I was groomed by women since childhood to be a Beta slave, but in the bedroom I was called upon to be an Alpha fuck.

Enough with those days though. Now I dwell in the realms of being an Alpha in and out of the bedroom.

As it were this article is being inspired in part by a movie I just saw in the theatre aptly named, Alpha, and an erotica novel I read later in the same day.

There was a line in the movie that was absolutely captivating because it encapsulates the journey that I am on. Here’s the movie line, “Alphas are not born. It is a position earned.”

This is so true. Many, especially women, think those blessed with money are automatically the epitome of what an alpha like individual is but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It is simply a symptomatic flaw that in advanced society the true alphas are ignored while silver spooned narcissists rake in all the spoils of war. When war is waged out of how much money is in one’s bank account true masculinity is lost and what is left is a pack of sickly gened yammering coyotes trying to out howl the next while the true wolves retreat into the shadows and away from the insanity of modern mating practices.

This said no wolf is an alpha from birth either, but rather it is an advancement gained by the furious use of tooth and claw in the effort to survive that leads to the position of being on top.


It takes being a Beta first to know what being an Alpha is all about. Much the same in counterpoise, if you’ve never been sick, then you don’t know what sickness is and if you’ve never experienced sickness then you don’t have a clue as to what having health is really like.

In much the same way goes the true hierarchies of men. Many people believe a leader –alpha is born, but that simply isn’t the case as already stated.

Someone who has always been strong in life is only viable as a leader until his first loss. Without a background of struggling to overcome adversity he has no inner metal for the fight when things turn bad – so in the harshest moment of resistance, when leadership is needed the most he becomes a coward having never been tested previously past the breaking point and now being in maturity with all his sense of pride built into the image of all he thinks he is it is all lost in an instant and he is left a wreck in the midst of a former personal paradise of belief that moved on without him, because he didn’t know the value to be gained by first being weak.

It truly is the weak that inherit the earth. You see weakness is the essence of courage. As it has been said, ‘courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the choice to face it’.

A man without fear is a man easily beaten by one who knows what he’s fighting for and that for him in its rawest sense is simply not to give into the weakness that he has known in his past. He would rather die in the present, then return to a former life of obscurity and powerlessness.

Every day is literally the witness of everything within him seeking to gain strength against the weakness within and hence his weakness has become his greatest strength. He knows he can fail.

He also knows there’s no going back to the way he was as his desire is to be in the present and in this he simply can’t be beaten for the beat of his heart is resistance itself against the days of his past, while a man who has always been blessed with strength and the ability to stay on top gives no thought to the tempo of each day, but lives for only the moments that he is esteemed by others not knowing that the truest victory is that which comes from within and not easily seen or celebrated in the courts of men.

Men in power are often blind to the true worth of an individual, until they are put into a powerless position and witness as if in a blind stupor the actions of greater men and women, who never sought the limelight or sought the positions of authority they now possess that are better earned than inherited, now moving about easily in the midst of the fiery circumstances at hand.


Now what does all this philosophical mumbo jumbo have to do with the title of this article? Here are some points of fact to put everything into perspective. Most modern erotica is read by women – and – most modern erotica is also written by women.

I am not a woman, but I have chosen to write books in the erotica genre as a man and in doing so I bring a man’s perspective to the table. Therewith I make the following pronouncement to most, if not all the lady erotica authors out there – your male alpha characters truly suck!

While I am being extremely general and painting a broad picture I simply can’t but state my opinion for the truth as I see it to be based off my current experiences with simply even trying to find something fit to read within the market of so many sordid and horribly characterized tales……. pause…… Dear lady authors, perhaps you do have one thing right about the characterization of an alpha male and that is that we can be both annoying and say the most impolite of things. Consider this a dose of your own medicine and ruffle your disturbed pin feathers back down and pay attention and maybe you’ll learn something or not as so few women are submissive enough these days to learn anything from the lips of a male that’s proud to be as God made him.

Now I could go on and attack the problems of modern erotica ad-hoc, but I’m going to refrain myself to just addressing some of the issues I found in the erotica novel, penned by a woman, that I read within the same day that I watched the movie Alpha in the theatre. I’m not going to name names or give the name of the book as I simply don’t believe in that kind of exposure against a fellow author.

To put it mildly though I saw within the confines of this book many, if not all the problems I have noticed for years to plague female authors of romantic and erotic intent. Here goes, and remember this is the breakdown of one book, one book with an entirely distorted view of what an alpha male is.

  1. First off, what attracted me to the book? Well the book cover artwork was decently done and yes I do judge books in part by their covers. Next were the reviews. The book had hundreds of them and most of them 4’s and 5’s in terms of ratings. Skimming through I stumbled across several reviews that made me actually think, “Maybe I’ve actually found something worth reading other than my own writing.” Then I start reading…………. big sigh. Within the first few chapters the picture is painted of a corporate billionaire “alpha” tired of the same old, same old exotic hookers in an exclusive sex joint he’s choosing to burn away the minutes of his evening in. The same tired worldly scenario plaguing at least over half of erotica as it is written by women today. Seriously a story written about a poor but noble man would be a true novelty in the erotica genre. Hey, wait a minute - I wrote a book like that, Man on Fire. Shameless self-promotion I know, but I’m the one writing the words right now so you’ll have to try to scratch my eyes out later social justice freaks. I said try by the way.

  2. Speaking of shameless. The female ‘friend’ of a shy female, former teenage flame of, said worldly burnt out billionaire, takes shy friend to same sordid sex place where rich boy is behaving likewise sordidly – Attention Break! Anyone who would drag you into such an unwanted situation is the definition of your worst enemy and the farthest thing from a friend that there could be! And yet in novel after novel women writers eerily surround their female character leads with these abysmal creatures of female craven deceit. Please answer the question and tell me why this is? Attention Break Over - Anyway, within minutes of entering the place bored rich boy sees former flame and no joke, starts cursing a blue streak as if he’s some knight of the former realms of honor bound integrity about how she doesn’t belong in such a place. No kidding. Who in their right mind does? …….(the sound of crickets chirping in the silence) ….. So anyway, what does our valiant hero do? Why he picks up resisting woman carries her down the hall throws her in a room, chains her to the door, rips her clothes off and rapes her against her will until she goes unconscious. ……… pause …….. This book has hundreds of reviews of women talking about the love story between the characters. I don’t get it. As a real full fledged alpha male I simply don’t get it. Is the libido system of the readers of these kind of books so screwed up that in order to get sexually excited means you have to jump start your electrical system by hugging a lightning bolt? Believe me, I get the scenario of cave man takes pretty girl really, really hard, but that’s not what this scene is. In the latter the caveman has found his mate and the next day he’s bringing her flowers and letting her decorate the cave however she wants to. In the book the girl wakes up alone in a room that must literally be dripping with past residual and likely infectious body fluids of countless sexual encounters, while predators in human raiment have been walking, while she’s been unconscious, up and down the hallway outside looking for something new to sexually and spiritually eat. First off - no alpha male mates his woman in such unsanitary and unsafe conditions. You know why? Because no matter how hard he rams his cock into her and makes her cry, he at heart cares for her safety over his own, because in point of fact, she is his reason for being and his hope to continue on in terms of the legacy of his children with her. He may be mean to start out with, but there simply isn’t much point to anything without her and so he will care for her. This book alpha leaves her laying there defenseless and almost lets her miss her plane home. This ain’t an alpha male folks. It’s a petulant child that needs it cock cut off because it has no clue as to what the value of a good woman is. It certainly doesn’t deserve to mate and carry on any more of its kind into the future to torment more women. Enough said.

  3. So billionaire boy can’t get mind off old flame. Then finds out she’s raising kids gained by him on her own since five years ago. Does he rush to her side and ask to be involved in the children’s lives while writing her a check to improve her financial status in life and that of his children? Nope. No, he gets his lawyer to serve her court papers that he is suing for full custody of their 5 year old twins and, you guessed it, if she agrees to marry him he’ll drop the charges. I’m a father and quite literally I feel the urge as a father of children to end the dude’s life and do society a favor, especially the woman in the story with her back up against the wall with a hard place in front of her. Lose her children or consent to be the man’s bedtime toy. Women, do you really find a plot like this alluring? I mean, obviously hundreds of you do, but as a male alpha I ask plainly, WHY????? Any individual, whether it be male or female that would rip children from the home they’ve always known and the parent they love is worse than the slimiest piece of crap that you might ever step on. Where is the allure of shacking up with a monster and thinking it's cool to be his two minute quickie jerk toy, which by now she’s for some out of mind reason only too happy to be now. Like I said I don’t get it. Real, honest to goodness men who are worth something in this world, despite however much they may want the beautiful girl of their dreams simply do not behave in this manner. What am I to draw from this plot line? The ideal modern fantasy for a girl fan of today’s erotica is a toxic a-type driven personality that shape shifts between a narcissistic demon from hell to a psychopath fiend that wants to rewire your brain piece by piece through the direct abuse of your body and mind by sensory deprivation and torture. Your modern erotic fantasy of an ideal man is my idea of a walking nightmare in need of two shotgun slugs to the chest. A dangerous, capable man is certainly very sexy in the eyes of a woman. He’s never more sexier than when he steps into the picture and saves you from the creep previously described that all too often fits the picture that modern erotica authors paint as the ideal love encounter for a girl to luck out upon. Fire loves gasoline until it’s spent on energy, in the same way conscious demons such as these men feed on girls until their will to live is gone and their sense of self-respect is even farther gone. Even when engaged in a fantasy setting our moral focus should remain fixed upon what it should be in everyday reality. If you don’t think that’s possible, then I dare you to read the erotica that I have written. I double dog dare you. Leave all the nasty reviews you want to, because I want no part of reviews that are empty of truth as the hundreds for this book I read were.

  4. So believe it or not the new marriage goes through a sexless phase at its start. Go figure. Seriously, if you’re with an Alpha dude, he’s not going to keep his hands off of you – morning, noon, or night. But this book alpha goes a whole month of no contact as if he’s punishing the woman somehow. If I was the woman I’d be thanking God daily for the reprieve, but interestingly, I think what is to be gleaned in this instance is that female writers are transposing manipulative female ways of dealing with men (the silent treatment) onto being an attribute that men employ too. Maybe some do, but Alphas sure don’t. In no uncertain words you can just get out and leave baby girl if you want to treat me like your little whipping boy. Been there before and it sucks!!! Not going back…. ever! Current application restrictions in regards to mate status: whiny, disrespectful, unfeminine, godless, pain in the butt modern wanna be boy girls please make an abrupt turn and let the door hit you on the way out. You’re not wanted by real men nor are you worthy of them, but most especially may all of your dysfunctional ways die out with you as you barrenly absorb yourself to being beaten up by butches and watching gay men kill each other slowly one soul tear at a time. Think I’m being harsh with my words? Well…. I’m an Alpha male. I say things like I see them cupcake. 

  5. There is this aspect that many women writers include in their sex scenes that just isn’t a part of healthy male reality. It’s the act of the male at the point of orgasm of pulling his throbbing cock out of the tightly sucking warm wet mouth, or orgasmically squeezing vagina, or orgasm locked down ass to unceremoniously spew all of his seed all over his female counterpart. Happens multiple times in this book and surely everyone by now knows that it’s not a form of birth control, at all, right? The whole point of putting a cock into any of those three openings since creation’s beginning is to feel the female in the height of orgasm clenching deliciously about the most precious physical aspect of what a man is and yes men quite simply put in life act and are like in direct proportion to how they feel about themselves sexually and for a man that’s the condition of his penis and his ability to use it and evoke pleasure upon his female counterpart with it. (Notice I didn’t mention size. My cock isn’t the biggest specimen in the whole wide world, but trust me no one else has one just quite like it let alone the whole package that comes along with it that takes deepest root in the vibrant mind/soul that drives all my bodily actions, hence all of me = Alpha, whose confidence is within himself and not based off the worldly projections of others) The deepest core desire a man has is to claim territory, win battles, and seed life with the essence that spews out of him at the height of orgasmic release. The only way to do that is to get it deep, whether it’s her throat, the gate of her cervix or the beginning of her colon. Quite simply put true men want to get that smelly white stuff as deep as possible into their woman. What the heck is this useless spewing of it across surfaces outside of the natural receptacles of its desire? I mean it! It would actually be anticlimactic to pull out of somewhere tight to spew forth into the open air. Stop writing these scenes women please! In the alpha male mind the only place his seed belongs is in you and not sprayed across your back, breasts, or face. If you’re with a man that derives pleasure from this activity constantly, then quite simply put I’m telling you, it’s against true male nature and chances are you’re with one of those creepy predators that just want to eat away at your life’s energy. You know why? Because the greatest gift of health a man can daily give a woman is his seed. Whether she swallows it or absorbs it through the walls of her vagina or colon a man is giving her a potion like no other. It’s chalk full of feel good hormones that literally make her happy, fulfilled, and grounded - essential minerals, vitamins, and digestive enzymes her body needs for optimum functioning, a unique source of human digestive protein the equivalent of the whites of 10 chicken eggs, not to mention its ability to fulfill a woman in the most basic sense by giving her a child to grow within her body to one day proudly get to call the child her own and love all the days of her life and be loved in return by the child. No Alpha male wants to deny his mate any of these benefits by spraying his seed uselessly about. Incidentally you girls have every ability to reciprocate and give the gift of optimum good health and hormonal grounding connection back to us men. It’s called breast milk. Yep. Put that in your pipe and smoke it liberal feminist driven nutters. God knew what He was doing, a fact that every evolutionist and atheist out there is going to have to one day admit. Even the act of cunnilingus on a woman has an important benefit for men in that there is a special enzyme contained within the vaginal lubrication of a woman that helps regulate and promote health within the gastrointestinal system of men. What a benefit to giving a woman pleasure. That’s better than raping her chained up against a door in a hell hole any day isn’t it. That was a rhetorical question by the way.

  6. I find it so odd that there are so many tutorials and books out there describing the act of getting a woman sexually excited and in the mood for orgasm, but in books written by women the sex often descends to slam bang sessions that last a couple minutes. Where’s the foreplay? Well, in books like this one it involves getting spanked or denied sexual completion in a way that could be denoted as both torture and insensitive. While there is a place in a relationship for the spanking of the female side of the union I am of the opinion the only thing to be used should be your hand. The female ass is amazing, so why on earth would I ever want to bruise it and tear it up with torture devices out of a medieval torture chamber? Seriously, there are better ways to give a woman extreme pleasure and have her begging for more at your feet. I realize that for some of you reading this that some of you have never heard a man talk like I am doing. Alphas do exist, but they're rare and typically I would say if you’re looking within the ranks of bachelor billionaires for love then you’re looking in all the wrong places honey. Oh, and if your fantasies of being with an alpha male derive around gaining the psychological upper hand over a physically strong man and leading him around with a chain, while you sport a strap on apparatus and take up position behind him - then all I have to say is that what you’ve found for yourself isn’t an alpha, but a pervert and I quite simply don’t want to be around either of you freaky people. I know, entirely socially unacceptable for me to say that isn’t it. I’ve got one word for you – ALPHA. In the words of Adam from the Mythbusters show, “I reject your reality and substitute it for my own.

  7. This one kind of goes along with #6, but it’s book centric to a particular anal sex scene. First off, let me say as a male that I am heartily 100% an ass man. Female breasts, full toned thighs, cute feet, sleek necks, curved bellies and all things feminine are all awesome in terms of touching, licking, biting and admiring, but the ass of a woman is simply undeniable in terms of allure. Can’t explain it. It just beautifully is. Not all asses mind you. Uh oh. More of that insensitive Alpha talk. Tough. I didn’t program my cock to get rigid, God did, and there’s a set range of the female population that makes it get hard and there’s a bigger sector of the population that doesn’t make it get hard and that’s a fact whether social justice fans want to admit it or not. Back to the book – there is this anal sex scene that simply….. simply……. simply makes me shake my head for lack of better description. Two minute strong billionaire man storms in and says something like, “I know your pussy hurts so I’ll use your ass instead.” While many woman probably find nothing romantic about the concept of giving your ass to a man I assure you that you’re wrong. The problem for your condition of belief, though may be an entirely deserved one as you may simply be with a man who doesn’t know how to be a man in terms of the prospect of being the master of your ass. If this is the case I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry for the woman in the book too. In the mind of an alpha there is no better way to dominate a woman than to come in her ass. Before you rail against me that it’s all about power play dynamics I will say that it is not, even though the dynamic of a woman’s submission to the act is most definitely a part of the allure of the act. There is a more basic chemistry laden reality to it though. A man’s seed deposited into a woman’s anal canal/colon area is directly absorbed into her blood. That man’s DNA literally goes throughout the entire system of the female and it ends up in her brain and stays there for years to come. This can happen to a lesser extent via absorption through the vagina wall, but nowhere near as potently, as research would seem to suggest at this time, as it does through the anal canal. A man’s DNA within his woman’s mind acts as a catalyst of keeping her linked companionably with him. In a way it’s a way of owning her on a deeper level and incidentally taking a woman in this manner increases her fertility and her body’s receptiveness to becoming successfully pregnant because often women’s response to becoming pregnant starts an autoimmune reaction because her body recognizes the sperm half of the embryo as a foreign invader and goes about trying to get rid of it (morning sickness), but if the man’s DNA is already floating throughout her system and it’s used to it……you fill in the blank. Anyway, for the alpha male there is an almost sacred and most definitely physical need to possess his woman in every way possible, but this ‘alpha’ book hero, you know what he does? No warm up whatsoever, after that opening statement he grabs a tube of lube rips her clothes off seats her on his lap facing away, bends her over and literally shoves two fingers up her ass that hasn’t been touched by him in five years. Yanks his fingers out lifts her up and with a cock so large as to be described in the rest of the book as coming up the back of her throat, he unceremoniously begins to pull her downward onto it even though she tells him to stop. Does he stop? Why no ma ’me he does not, after all he’s a modern day alpha erotica hero. The female author describes the burning discomfort being suffered by the book character to enough extent for me to believe she has had this done to her in real life, but my question is, why on earth would you then write a scene of complete and utter anal abuse like this as a woman? I mean really, don’t you want the experience to be nicer? I don’t know about you, but an alpha male in complete mastery of himself sure would, that I can tell you. If you want to see the difference of what I’m talking about then I invite you to read the following excerpt from my erotica novel, The Huntsman. I’ve copied the entire chapter for your reading pleasure below. Be warned - what you are about to read is highly erotic in nature and yet entirely wholesome in delivery. You’ve been warned!


Something Desired

It was late fall outside. The leaves had mostly fallen and the chill winds of an early winter had already begun to blow. That was all right. We had enough wood stored away for two winters and food on top of that for years to come.

God had been very gracious to us. Hunting had gone well, a garden patch had fared even better and foraging had never been more successful.

In addition to all that Wyatt had found some more canned food in an abandoned house about a day’s journey away. Best of all though the hunters were gone.

No more drones flew overhead and no search and kill parties combed through the forest and abandoned fields. Whether they thought everyone was dead or they had met with hard times themselves, we didn’t know or much care about, although that said my hope was for the latter.

The big thing though was that they were gone and that was what mattered most, because it meant my mate always returning home to me had never been more likely to happen than it was now. Life in general was beyond good.

God had given us a beautiful baby girl. Delivery had gone amazingly without any complications and more and more we increased in awareness of the assurance that we could survive just about anything, and what we couldn’t, well God was enough so we relied on Him and He’d never let us down.

Sometimes it was a struggle, but He was always there with us in the midst of it and He always brought us through to the other side without fail each and every time. Little by little Wyatt and I were learning to trust Him and His plan for us more and more by the day.

The baby made a noise and I lifted my head from off the sheets. She was stirring in her sleep fitfully.

It would seem Wyatt’s actions were proving a bit too boisterous as he shook the bed with the in and out plundering of my sheath from behind. I didn’t mind the roughness of his taking. I loved it when he took me in this way.

Apparently he too noticed Sarah’s fitfulness and his surging passage into me stilled to a gentler in and out glide. I propped myself up on my elbows and glanced behind me and smiled as I took in the sight of him powerfully positioned behind me with his gaze rooted on my bottom that I held arched upward for the taking against his groin.

He moved the oily finger, he had buried in my ass then and I blinked from the unexpected pleasure of it. Oh, I knew what he wanted.

During late pregnancy he had begun to play with the opening of my ass. I hadn’t said anything about it or told him to stop.

His playing had become more advanced to include the insertion of a finger and then sometimes two. From the beginning, it was clear where things had been headed and as I would never deny him anything I had patiently waited for the day he would slide his cock up my ass.

I couldn’t say it was something I specifically wanted to have happen, but he wanted it, and it pleased me to please him and so I willingly took the insertion of his fingers and sometimes even his tongue and said nothing to oppose his enjoyment of this last virgin part of me.

Two things had become clear, though over the past several months. For one, I had come to love the feeling of his fingers inside my ass, because it made him feel even bigger within me and my orgasms were even more intense than before. The other thing was that he intended to go no further until I told him it was okay to do so, which made me feel very special and deeply cared for.

I’d been waiting for the right day. Today felt better than okay.

He stayed buried to the hilt within my sheath as his oily finger withdrew and pressed in again and again. I groaned deeply at the sensations he was evoking and held steady to his plundering touch of my bottom.

His free hand clutched one of the cheeks of my bottom in a clear statement of the way he adored this part of my body, even as his other hand plundered the tightness that lay between my cheeks.

Shyly I called out to my stud of a husband as the very real desire to feel something far bigger than his finger within the warmth of my rear passage occurred to me for not the first time, “Hey baby?”

His finger stopped and he looked across the plane of my arched back to meet my gaze. I wiggled my bottom back into his groin and feeling the pleasure of him within me to the hilt along with all I felt for this man gave me the courage to say, “I’ve never said no to anything you’ve wanted and I have no intention of ever doing so. You don’t have to wait anymore. Take what you want of me. I’m yours honey.”

His shaft swelled even bigger within me and with some trepidation and even more excitement I focused on keeping eye contact with him. Just how was all of that possibly going to fit in my ass?

Gruffly he asked, “Are you sure?”

I nodded my head.

He swallowed and then asked, “But do you want me to? Please be honest.”

Meeting his gaze I spoke the truth, “Today I do. I don’t know about tomorrow, but right now I want every thick inch of your cock as far up my ass as you care to drive it. Descriptive enough for you Sugar?”

“Yes.” He said gruffly and withdrew his cock from my sheath. A cock that felt like it had increased to never before seen proportions.

I let my face fall back to the mattress as I waited for him to make my ass his. His free hand pulled on my hip and I freely folded backward over my knees until the opening of my rear still pierced with his finger was at a level for his cock to better surge into.

Nervously, I focused on breathing deeper and with reassurance Wyatt said, “I’ll be gentle.”

I knew he would be and knowing that held me poised in position as his finger withdrew from my well oiled rear passage leaving me empty for a moment. It was only a moment, though, as I then felt the wet head of his cock soaked with my juices begin to press into my ass.

I let my breath go out and I pushed as I had learned to do in order to better accommodate the entry of his fingers. I gasped with surprise as I felt the entire head of his shaft squeeze inside of me and past the tight outer rings of my opening.

 Eyes wide open I breathed hard and fought for control as more of his cock began to slide in. He was big!

I closed my eyes as the discomfort became such that I wanted to tell him to stop. For his enjoyment sake, though I didn’t want to tell him to stop.

More of his shaft eased in and I gasped and clutched at the sheets. The problem with my husband was that he only got thicker the further down his shaft you went.

It had never been a problem until now. He was built like a tree trunk and that’s just what it felt like was invading me from behind.

I couldn’t do it!

Breathing heavy I was on the verge of telling him to stop, when the baby cried out. Her cry cut through the discomfort I was feeling and I looked up. Her cry told me she was hungry.

I heard Wyatt sigh heavily and his shaft began to withdraw from me. He’d never felt as engorged as he did right now and even though he was doing what I had been about to ask him to do I no longer wished for it. One way or another this man was going to have the pleasure of my ass that he so clearly desired to enjoy.

Raising up slightly I reached back with one hand and grasped at his thigh. Not looking at him I said, “Stay where you’re at honey.”

He stayed and leaning forward slightly I grasped Sarah’s swaddling blanket and gently pulled her to me across the sheets. Smiling down at her angry cry face I said, “What’s wrong sugar? Hungry?”

She only cried harder. Chuckling, I eased her beneath me as I held myself up with one elbow, “It’s alright baby girl. Mamas got milk for you. Lots of it, see.”

Her greedy lips found my nipple and latched on aggressively even as her small hands rose to grasp and repetitively kneed my breast in order to make my milk flow even faster. I hovered over her playing with her fingers and stroking her cheek as she ate noisily with great gusto.

She was such a good baby. Time went by and eventually my nipple popped free of her latch and she burped loudly. Laughing softly I wiped at her face, as she sleepily closed her eyes once more completely satiated.

In two more seconds she was fast asleep and, gently I eased her away from me and farther up the bed. Something had been happening during this whole interlude. I had been adjusting to the size of my husband’s cock placed most of the way inside of my ass.

The presence of his shaft did not feel bad at all now and the discomfort that I had felt was no more. I glanced back over my shoulder at him with a smile. Immediately I laughed upon seeing how every blood vessel in his face was ticking with tension.

“Oh, honey!” I soothed shaking my head and then breathy voiced I said, “Make me yours.”

I brought my face forward and exclaimed loudly as he did exactly that. He slid all the way to the hilt in me and it had only brought me pleasure this time. Purring I pressed back into his deep claim of my ass and his control snapped just like I wanted it to.

I wanted to be taken and my mouth fell open as the sensation of feeling him withdrawn almost out of me only to be rammed all the way in again registered across every nerve in a deep guttural fashion that had me moaning in anticipation for the next surge.

I couldn’t explain it. The experience had gone from being a source supreme discomfort, even pain, to a feeling like no other. He kept surging deeply and his stroking possession of my ass began sparking an orgasm entirely different than any I’d ever had before.

It ripped through my body and left no prisoners. I couldn’t help it, I screamed and through it I heard him cry out passionately, even as I felt his seed shoot into me deeply.

What we had done was so very different and yet in the aftermath I liked it. Gradually reality returned and slowly as if with great reluctance Wyatt pulled his shaft clear from my ass’s tight clasp of it.

I felt so empty!

He collapsed down to the bed beside me opposite of Sarah. Breathing heavily, he looked at me with wonder in his eyes before stating, “You are simply an amazing woman Honey!”

Smiling, I eased over him as I felt the muscles of my rear passage contract down until I was closed, with only his seed sealed within me. Far from feeling worn out I felt ready for more. In fact at this moment I had energy I couldn’t even begin to explain.

My wish for more though wasn’t going to happen, as I could see my man was completely worn out. Smiling into his gaze I said, “The last half of that was pretty amazing.”

He nodded, not saying anything and continuing on I said, “Maybe we could work on making the whole process as nice as the last part was?”

“Tomorrow?” He breathed out with an air of hopefulness in his tone.

Chuckling, I leaned forward and against his lips I said, “Darling, you can start tonight for all I care.” We kissed deeply for a long moment and then pulling back, I said as I eased up higher in the bed, “But in the meantime I was wondering if you could help me with something. I have a baby who only likes to nurse on one side before she falls asleep. Think you could take care of this other side for me tonight?” I teased as I positioned my milk engorged breast so that my nipple, already leaking warm sugary milk, fell across his lips.

He groaned and swatted me lightly on the rear as he muttered something like, “I don’t deserve you!” Before his lips closed over my nipple and took my breath away even as my milk flowed freely into his mouth, giving him sustenance that I delighted in doing even as I delighted in the fact that I had pleasured him deeply tonight by letting him have my ass.

I stroked his face and hair with my hand and watched him. He may not think he deserved me, but the truth was that neither of us deserved all that had been given to us.

It was truly a blessing to be a beloved child of an all-powerful God who knew how to and even relished in the giving of good things to those who put their trust and faith in Him. God was everywhere, but looking heavenward, I whispered, “Thank you for everything.”

Peace rained down upon the moment and with my milk gone, I lay over onto my back. My man cuddled into my side and laid his big hand spread across my belly in a statement of possession that I loved and in turn I moved Sarah in close to me on the other side. The cold of approaching winter weather blew strongly outside, but the cave was warm and cozy.

Before long I was the only one awake as I continued to hold both of my family members to me. Tear after tear coursed down my face to disperse into my hair and dampen the pillow beneath.

My tears weren’t tears of sorrow, but of joy. I had everything any woman could ever ask for.

Joy spread throughout my whole being and with fondness I looked back over my life and took in the reality of how God had been with me from the very beginning always working things to the good. My life had harsh moments far from the joy of this moment, but this moment of true happiness was only possible because of the hard things I had gone through and the decisions I had made along the way in order to reach this moment.

“Thank You for leading me and sustaining me to see this day, God. I trust You with as many or as few days as may remain of my life knowing that You’re in charge and that You’ve always had a plan for my life.”

That said, I drifted off to sleep in the warmth of the peace that I had that all things would work out to the good for those who love God and kept to His ways. It was a truth hard to see sometimes, but nevertheless a fact of reality, because it said so in God’s Word and my life was nothing but a living testimony of it coming true.


In Conclusion:

There is no place in modern society for the human male alpha to exist. In order to exist, he has to make his own space apart from the conformist reaches of humanities thronging demands and in return be prepared to defend his patch of turf with everything he’s got when invaded by those wishing to upturn the authority of one male wishing to live life as he so wishes followed by those who see the value in being under the care of one with no ties to any other pack, but the one he defends personally according to his own moral sense of principled fury.

The alpha male in the modern era is one who is at war with all that is called civilization by the masses, because at heart he recognizes no authority other than that which he pleases to and for this reason he is often hunted to extinction for the audacity to be different and deny fealty to a worldly master. It is rare to find him within the pages of fiction and even rarer still in real life, but know this, when times get really hard and the expectations of mankind along with their inventions fall apart the alphas will once more rise to prominence, because they are the only ones equipped to survive the harshest of times as well as make the decisions that nobody else has the guts to.


One last comment……….. (a really long comment)

…… regards to Alpha males and what I feel is the greatest misrepresentation of them in modern romance and erotica as written primarily by female authors wherein these ‘alphas’ take on more the imagery of two horned narcissistic class a jerks of insensitivity it is this - these women writing the stories have lost touch with what it means to be truly feminine.

If they were truly grounded with the glory of being the virtuous embodiment of femininity that all women should be like and yet fewer and fewer are these days they would intrinsically know what the other half of the coin should look and act like.

Even as true male alphas are a rare thing so today is the occurrence of a truly good woman. In fact the Bible puts it in the vernacular that a good woman’s worth is far above the price of rubies and to this I heartily concur.

In order to write engaging stories it is imperative for the individual, whether it be male or female to be entirely comfortable and in fact revel in the glory of what they were created to be. Most modern men today have been taught and groomed to be anything but rawly masculine and in large part women are to blame for this right along with a host of absentee or admittedly lousy fathers, who never graduated into the ranks of becoming a true man, but forever remained at heart rebellious boys content to spray their seed wherever they could find room to stick it in.

There’s a reason why there’s a He-bull in a herd of cows and the lesser bulls don’t get to mate with the cows. They're simply not worthy of the privilege of mating with a cow until the day they are and for some that day never comes.

In the same way many modern men don’t deserve the privilege of mating a female, and yes, I believe if the He-bull is able to care and protect for more than one mate then he should be free to mate as many of them as he wishes to. The process of one man having more than one mate at a time is an entirely natural one given the examples prevalent for us to study in creation all around us.

In our human setting of interaction it is called polygyny. A practice that almost every male Bible character from Abraham to Moses and beyond was in full practice of in Bible times. A practice that continued up into Jesus’s day and beyond before being outlawed in our modern western way of thinking.

I’m sure that in addition to an uproar among feminists I have now created one among those who identify as being Christian, but oh well, the truth is the truth and the thing about alphas is that we’re noble men of our word instead of the whiny thumb sucking brats that we have been characterized as being by far too many women and so we speak the truth no matter how raw it may leave you feeling.

To the Christians out there in regards to a man having multiple wives – so in your quest to say it’s wrong, which means throwing out all the patriarchs of the Bible that had multiple wives as well as the laws given by God Himself in regulation of it, what do you do when it comes down to the reality that Jesus Himself in parable form put Himself into the form of a story character that was marrying ten virgins at once?

I know preachers have twisted the Word of God to say anything and everything that it doesn’t but just read the Word for yourselves and realize the Word of God in that parable isn’t referring to bridesmaids accompanying a bride, but to 10 virgin brides betrothed to one bridegroom. Five of them while waiting for the groom were wise and had brought enough oil in their lamps to last out the night in their wait for the bridegroom to come and were allowed to go in to the marriage feast with the bridegroom, while the remaining five who didn’t have enough oil (faith) were left outside by the bridegroom (Jesus) who told them when they were hammering on the door begging to be let in, “Depart, I know you not.”

In Bible terms, that means intercourse has already taken place with the five virgins who entered in, because in Hebrew culture the marriage feast takes place after the groom and bride(s) have consummated their union. In the original culture of the Bible marriage to a woman happens the second a man’s shaft enters his woman’s vagina. They are married at that moment instantly in God’s eyes. No vowels or engagement ring mumbo jumbo as perpetrated by Western culture or the constant litany of pastors and priests with the marriage vowels on a sheet of paper lying in their Bible to make it look like their reading the vowels straight out of the Bible itself, all lies.

When it comes down to it, there’s never been a more powerful alpha stud in existence than Jesus Himself, a fact that the same Christian church embraces by coming around and saying that all believers in Jesus are a part of the ‘Bride of Christ’ in what amounts to the largest corporately plural marriage arrangement in history. This is the very essence of what could be termed as Christian hypocrisy and is one of the reasons that so many people don’t pursue faith in God, because of the apparent and the egregious double mindedness of so many Christians that uphold one aspect of scripture, but deny the rest of it with all their heart.

To those who do not identify as being Christian that completely hate the notion of a man managing a tribe of women beneath him as being accepted in terms of a protected legal status, what’s your big deal? Gays have the right to marry, but I can’t marry more than one woman? That’s not very fair is it now, but then the quest by liberal and often heavily influenced feminist movements has nothing to do with fairness does it.

Let’s leave it at this - sometime in the future after this dysfunctional and against the order of nature, society has collapsed - your dwindling armies of aging Butchy amazons and diseased shemales will come up against my army of tall, robust sons that go home each night and sink their shaft into their wives where it was created to go exclusively - who do you think will win the battle? Heck, my side can retreat from the battlefield and allow natural circumstances to give them the victory without even lifting a finger in confrontation of any sort.

I state the following with emphasis knowing the hatred it will inspire for simply being the truth: the greatest enemies of an alpha male in a modern society are the women who no longer embrace what it means to be gloriously female. It is these women who free of the pressing concerns brought on by stabilized society, a stabilization won and paved forward with the blood and sweat of alpha minded men and the women lovingly committed to them, go from simply being grateful to survive to see the next day under the protection of an alpha male to then leaving his side in order to be masters of their own destiny bathed in independent self-worshipped glory from having anything to do with the masterful influence of a male in their life.

This dichotomy of equal power between the sexes will never work. At the crux of the matter is that God made us in His image both male and female. At heart or I should say at the soul level of humanity, yes, women and men are equal entities of worth in God’s eyes. However, we were created to do different things and more importantly, one was made before the other.

In this physical dimension of time that we are currently embroiled within God Himself stated that He made the woman to serve the needs of the man and above all that she was to respect him and accept his rule over her. Reversely God charged the man to in turn love the woman and care for her as if her bodily needs were his own.

Not spank and beat the hell out of her body to be sure, which if the book I’ve read is to be believed, that is the very thing to be expected of a male modern erotica alpha. The truth is a far cry different from that.

When the existence of mankind is locked in a survival of the fittest type environment women only to gladly accept their appointed roles within creation of being a man’s helpmate, but when there is a lasting peace and times of plenty some women rebel against the mastery of men.

Men in general allow these incursions by women to happen because of two reasons. Men love women and do not wish to discipline them even though it is badly needed at times.

Men are influenced by their mothers who out of their cherished desire for their daughters to have more status and material things than she has had engage their sons to be lenient towards their sisters and out of love or complete botheration men give in and allow feminist tyranny to begin to take place under their watch and it only gets worse as time goes on and the upset balance of power remains uncorrected.

But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” 1 Timothy 2:12

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” Isaiah 3:12

I know I’m beginning to write a book, but oh well. I think it is true the statement I have heard that women, at least , some women do not know what love is the way a man does. Hundreds of women wrote glowing reviews all about the love between the two book characters, not surprising given the constant genre ad-nauseum belief by many women that a man with wealth is love at first sight.

To this I reply, no, it most certainly isn’t. Men have a capacity to love women simply based upon who they are and don’t even care about what else she can bring to the table, but so many women seeking out this fantasy of a rich man want nothing more from him than what he can buy for her.

In the aftermath of this capricious need for monetary support without firm emotional and even spiritual connection with the man the modern woman is left in a quandary to puzzle out what exactly an alpha male even looks like. Thus crazy dysfunctional book relationships such as this one are written and put out into the general public to be ingested like a never ending Happy Meal from MacDonald’s.

Guess what happens if all you eat in life is junk food? In the same way if all you portray in love and romance is time being spent with junk men, guess what happens to you?

The true irony of today is that women don’t know what they are missing because their sisters of yesteryear either killed off the last alphas or subjected them into being their slaves. So back in relation to this book if I read it correctly – the only last dash of a chance to feel like a woman in the modern era after a day spent crushing men’s balls in the boardroom and reaping in a tremendous amount of entitlement is to literally have a man rape her against her will within the first five seconds of seeing her after an absence of being a apart from her for five years?

That if true, is very sad.

The entire relationship contained in this novel and so many others is so entirely dysfunctional that it’s beyond repair, because the man portrayed is better suited for prison than the majority of the actual people in prison and the woman is a fruit cake in need of psychological help for having anything to do with such a creep.

In general all of modern society is out of order, because women are out of their place with their lust for continual empowerment and the men of today are spineless play toys, who because there having such a hard time getting it up for the modern liberated woman’s fuck on demand dictates are instead turning to each other in lust and bringing and even greater abomination into society that will entirely kill the law and order so many men and women in the past fought so hard to establish and put in place so their children could have a safer and easier life.

There is a very real problem when I, an alpha male, in quest of reading a storyline that displays the most basic aspect of human interaction in terms of the propitiation of the species type into’s search bar, “straight erotica” and every search result displayed page after page is that depicting story lines of gay males and lesbian women.

No joke. Try it, or actually don’t.

This dichotomy of a society that values barren endeavors of lust will not last, and indeed it only takes a generation or two for all these same sex individuals to die out and the process is even quicker still if society itself crashes.

Question? Who will save you then women?

You got rid of all the true men and the ones left like me don’t want any part of the likes of the modern woman. By painful wrought upon us misery we have come to learn how utterly vindictive and entirely corrupt of nature some of you modern women are at heart and so even though it goes against our base programming to not save you, because of past experience gained, I say, we will not save you. A viper held to the chest and kept from the fire is still no man’s friend.

Mark my words, there will come a time when women will once more plead to have the headship of a man’s spiritual covering over them. Don’t believe me? Well, it’s in the Bible – “On that day seven women will seize one man, saying," We will eat our own bread and provide our own clothing. Just let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace." Isaiah 4:1

Take the Words of God to heart or leave them at the door of personal choice, but it is my heartfelt suggestion to all female readers of this article that while there is still time you should seek to find your spot within the order of creation again before creation in a corrective reordering and synchronizing of harmony moves on and you are left in a place where no man’s hand will save you from.

In the world that you have created for yourselves via feministic dogmatic principles of belief to which you have extolled the virtues of in massive amounts of literature and cinema the men you currently have at your beck and call have no inner substance to them being little more than yes man robots or demonic would-be-alphas that will rape you in the midst of hell and call it love.

Any woman placed by God under my care will never experience the dangers brought on by being in a relationship with the two common versions of men just described. Who is the insensitive bigoted one in this picture, the enemy of womankind as it were – the story book creep on steroids or the man who would die to protect the women that are his from all harm?

You choose, but sling your arrows wisely as it only takes one wolf to send a pack of coyotes fleeing for their lives and it would be just to to bad if you killed off your last chance of future salvation in the process of defending an overinflated sense of pride that will never keep you warm and safe at night much less fed and pleasurably adored all the days of your life.



Aedan Sayla – Author of Erotic Christian Fiction

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