Tame Excerpt - Agent in Training, Book #1 of The Agents

My mind drifted away from the busy array of thoughts besieging me daily as the man in charge of over 60 some agents and their handlers and settled in on the increasing nervousness that my driver was manifesting. Taking in the situation I sighed.

Oh well. Peace and tranquility for the moment were over.

Leaning forward I tapped the driver on the shoulder and waited for him to look back. I held up a thick stack of local currency and his sweating forehead started to pour out moisture in earnest.

He wanted the money, but with reluctance, he shook his head and said, “They’ll kill me, Sir.”

“Suit yourself.”

Standing up I swung out of the moving taxi and grasped a hold of the railing of a faster moving bus that had a hole in the traffic corridor that our current line of bogged down typical Mumbai traffic did not. The driver made a sharp exclamation and reached for a gun as I waved goodbye to him.

He never got the chance to fire the gun as with an explosion the taxi shattered apart in a ball of flame and lose particle debris. His masters weren’t taking any chances it seemed.

I tapped the earbud in my ear, “Thanks Sissy. I owe you one.”

“Thank me later I’m detecting multiple laser lock-on signatures to your suit!”

Immediately I dropped away from the bus for fear of pedestrian casualties. Dodging through moving traffic I didn’t miss the puff of dust kicked up ahead of me or the heavy smack of a bullet into the hood of a car I had just passed by.

They were using silencers. Everyone on the busy street around me was unaware of the silent war going on.

It was a war that needed to be ended before a passerby got hurt. I dodged behind a large planter that promptly had several bullets smack into it.

As clouds of dirt rained down my gaze met that of an older boy standing nearby that was taking in everything with what appeared to be a ready sense of shocked excitement instead of the fear one would expect to see. Winking at him as bullets continued to hammer into the concrete planter, I brought my arm up before me.

The jacket sleeve of the coat became the representation of a digital screen. The shooting telemetry of three active and widely spaced apart snipers came into perspective as the smart suit analyzed bullet trajectories in order to accurately pinpoint the points of origin.

Reaching into my suit coat I pulled out three cigars. I twisted each one and they each beeped as they synced with the core processor embedded in the suit.

Things were set and with a toss I sent the three cigars up into the air. The back ends of each cigar fell off as each shot off like the miniaturized rockets they were.

With speed they curved around obstacles to each find its target in a matter of seconds. To the tune of three distant explosions I stood up and brushed my suit off.

The boy’s mouth was gaped open and with a smile I tossed one of my concealed daggers to lodge into a street tree that he was standing nearby. His eyes tracked over to the expensive knife and then to me in shock.

I tipped a finger to him in salute and continued on my way, none the worse for wear even as the boy tugged his souvenir out of the tree with excitement. I rounded the next corner as sirens began to ring out behind me.

Even though sirens were ringing nobody was looking at me and the boy was well beyond informing on me as he took time to admire his new acquisition. Things were…… all shot to hell!

I stopped as members of the local police force stepped out of the woodwork all around me. These were the good ones.

The desire to be free of them was immense, but to do so meant killing and these were the wrong men to kill. Lifting my hands in surrender I stood still as they came in on me from all sides.

Sissy was having a panic attack in my ear.

“Sissy have them start preparations for the roundup. This is what we’ve been waiting for. We’ve never looked more legit then right now by having me picked up by the cops.”

“But what about you?”

“I’ll be fine. Now cut the feed.”