Tame Excerpt – Man on Fire


Her back hurt abominably. Maybe she’d coax Cliff to massage it tonight.

She knew he would, she just hated making him go to such efforts on her behalf all the time. That said, his big warm hands were divine to feel upon her and something she could never deny herself, besides his massages inevitably lead to more.

He was absolutely crazy for her pregnant body. She was in no doubt as to the man she had married being a complete diamond of matchless worth.

Smiling, she started to open the refrigerator and froze. There before her was a note, a note written in red just like she’d seen once before.

Gasping, she backed away and tearing open a kitchen drawer she pulled out a knife. She listened but heard nothing amiss in the house and slowly gathering courage she approached the message on the fridge as if it were the enemy.

She read it slowly, “I wanted you red! You was mine, but you had him instead! Now he’s got you fat. No fun to play with and tie into a pretty red bow. He ruined you and so it will be an eye for an eye. I’ll see him dead and you too. Roasted red you will be, but I’ll be blue, because I won’t have you.”

Crying out in alarm Arwana frantically dug her phone out and rang Cliff’s number, but over and over she got his voicemail. He never had his phone on him!

Or was there another reason this time that he wasn’t picking up?

Panic seizing her heart, she breathed out, “Dear God no! Please don’t let him be dead!”